Is standard bearing tested before shipment?
For every manufacturer including Xiamen JAMA Bearing Co., Ltd, quality assurance is important for building a reputable brand and gaining the trust of customers. Before shipping the standard bearing out of our factory, our quality checkers will perform multiple tests on the finished products, thereby, ensuring its stable chemical properties and outstanding physical performance to meet the requirements of the industry and international standards. Once defective products are found, they will be sent to the manufacturing workshops for re-processing immediately. They can't leave the factory until they fully meet the quality standards.
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JAMA is a major producer of oil seal in China. JAMA's oil seal series are created based on unremitting efforts. JAMA can provide customization service for oil seal. All defects of the product have been accurately detected and then removed, guaranteeing consistent quantity.
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While undertaking the responsibility of serving customers wholeheartedly, our companyis also putting efforts into manufacturing high-quality oil seal. Ask online!

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