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JAMA Company 2020 Annual Conference and 10th Anniversary

JAMA Company 2020 Annual Conference and 10th Anniversary


At the moment of 10th anniversary, JAMA family celebrate this banquet together on Jan.18th. All of members wish JAMA a better future and compose a new chapter in the new journey. General manager Mr.Jack make a opening speech and draw a blueprint for the company s future development which inspiring all JAMA members, and also prepare red envelope for every JAMA member and put on a red scarf for members by himself for 10th anniversary. It is also a JAMA staff s birthday, who already work in JAMA for 10 years. We prepare a surprise for him, thanks for his efforts during 10 years. It s JAMA Company s wealth with those excellent and loyal employees. In 2020, we will not forget our original intention, embark on a new journey, continue to work hard and write a new chapter.

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